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Is Your Health Going In The Right Direction?


The world of nutritional supplements has expanded exponentially in the last decade bringing with it the promise of better health, slower aging and optimal performance.

A vast offering of vitamins, minerals and herbal products currently line the store shelves all claiming to have multiple effects.

Unfortunately there is little, or absolutely no concentration being focused on their relevant fit into the body’s unique biology!

Is your health going in the right direction?

How can or do these mainstream supplements actually work synergistically with your biochemistry to achieve longevity and peak performance?

It was out of this need for relevant supplementation, that PeakBio was born.

Given our extensive knowledge of human physiology, biochemistry and superior athletic performance at the Calgary Centre for Naturopathic Medicine, we made the commitment to design our own line of superlative supplements.

With PeakBio, we are now able to truly attain and maintain the health and performance goals of both our patients and our professional and amateur athlete clientele.

With PeakBio we have created a unique nutritional model that
enables every individual to strive for biological excellence!

The Peak Bio Nutritional Model


PeakBio products take average biology and optimally fuel it, effectively aid its elimination and foster its transformation into PEAK BIOLOGY.

The goal of PeakBio is to integrate the best ingredients into the most effective supplements with the end result enabling the 75-100 trillion cells in the human body to reach peak performance.

Therefore, the PeakBio supplement development model incorporates both the need to fuel the cell as well as an equally important need for waste elimination.

Only when a nutritional system identifies that each need is equally important, will it allow biology to operate at maximal performance!

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